When "BB" penned his Confessions of a Carp Fisher, at the end of the 1940s, there must have been many half-forgotten ponds, each one awaiting an angler's careful tread.
Today, in the early part of the 21st century, it can all seem so different. But it is still possible to fish a pleasant pool, catch plenty of carp, perhaps, and not see a soul all day; and these are not all private waters, either. It is possible that I am fortunate, living in rural Herefordshire as I do. However, I am convinced that "Google Maps" is a marvellous tool, - leading the angler to half-forgotten ticket waters or  - if he is determined and lucky - the front doors of farms where, all that is required for a passport to genuine carping heaven, is a polite and friendy approach and a bit of grovelling, if necessary!
Here are some of the pretty ponds and lakes I have fished during the past four years or so. May you find many more like them... 

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JOE | Reply 11.03.2015 18.36

That'd be good, Gary. Do you have an email address? I'll send you a map to a very nice little pool I know that I imagine would be right up your street.

Gary 13.03.2015 20.27

Thanks Joe -

All the best -


Gary | Reply 09.03.2015 21.42

Great to hear from you Joe - perhaps we can throw a line together?

Joe | Reply 09.03.2015 15.04

Great site Gary. Encouraging to see so many lovely quiet lakes still exist nearby (I'm in Stretton Grandison). I have a couple of my own to add to these...

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23.02 | 18:22

Excellent angling, and best wishes to you too, WB

10.02 | 13:06

Gary sorry to hear you have been ill , you have my e mail address now so please feel free to keep in touch .Best of luck to you ,kindest regards David .

09.02 | 14:13

Hello, nice to hear from you WB! Not done much fishing myself recently, due to illness etc, but some nice sessions lined up for this year...

07.02 | 15:31

Gary its me old Woolly Bear , still out there with mi 116s and centre pins . Biggest so far 23pounds and five ounces . Back upto midlands soon, best wishes. D.

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