Ghosts and old carp ponds seem to go together, don’t they?

Is it down to the surrounding trees or the dark water, or the fact that carp themselves, on occasions, seem to belong to another, more mysterious world?

Redmire is famously haunted, of course, - and not only by large fish. In recent years, carp fishers enjoying the peace of this celebrated pool have reported numerous incidents, particularly in the swim known as “The Oaks”.

Typically, the rigid tops of bivvies have been “banged” suddenly in the night; and some anglers have reported being held down on their bed-chairs by an invisible presence, which may - after all - be no more than common sleep paralysis – a condition well known to medical science.

As I understand it, sleep paralysis is a state where, on near awakening, the body is so relaxed it can sense its own considerable weight. Usually, in a wide awake state, the brain edits out this information.

But isn’t it odd that so many “happenings” seem to happen in one swim? Are all those different anglers all suffering from sleep paralysis in The Oaks at Redmire, year after year?

Other incidents, reported at times, on the excellent Redmire Forum site, have included the sound of children’s laughter at night and the inexplicable playing of old time gramophone music, including “Busy Busy Bee” by Arthur Askey.    

Beechmere is perhaps the most famous “haunted pond”; thanks to BB’s accounts in “Confessions of a Carp Fisher”. However, I’ve often wondered whether BB actually claimed to have seen the spirit of Father Angelus, the carping priest, or whether the author merely wrote that he often imagined the ghost.

Here is what BB actually wrote: “I think that at any moment, at any turn of the way, I shall see him before me...Though I have never met Father Angelus in the flesh, I have a clear picture of him; his presence seems to radiate a sweet kindness and simplicity, a most benevolent spirit.”

So BB has “a clear picture” of Father Angelus in his mind. But did he actually see the priest’s ghost?

It appears that he did.

In the fifth British Carp Study Book, there is a transcription of an interview with Dave Woods, - who asked BB the direct question, concerning Beechmere: “It used to have the ghost of a monk or something?” – to which BB replied, most emphatically, “Oh yes, the old priest, yes...”

So that matter seems fairly settled, doesn't it?

But nothing could compare to the reported experience, in the same BCSG book, of a man who poached an old estate lake, where two young children had drowned...


“All went quiet. I was trying to force my legs to move, but I had become rooted to the spot ...as I glanced to my left, there stood two children, a boy and girl around eight to ten years old, smiling...Holding each other’s hands, they faded before my eyes.


“One thing is for sure – I won’t be going back to the pool...”

PIC ABOVE - Orbs at an old pond in Herefordshire, as snapped by the Gnome's digital camera...





No missing the atmosphere here...
Old estate lakes can be moody...
Winter trees and evening at a carp pool...

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Gary | Reply 04.04.2019 10:52

I must agree

wayne adams | Reply 02.04.2019 21:39

anything to do with bb ghosts and fishing is great

Phil (Carp artist) | Reply 27.11.2013 18:34

I love it Great stuff

Gary 27.11.2013 20:45

Many thanks Phil, I'm really pleased.

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We missed you, dear nephew, we missed you...x

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Yes Dave, I look forward to a Three Amigos' reunion at a carp pool. Our fishing sessions together are always a great joy.

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Lovely account of a most enjoyable day Gary.Lets hope that Steven can join us next time.David

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