The big house - "the latter, by the way, was a pesudo-Gothic structure and not particularly beautiful..." BB- CONFESSIONS OF A CARP FISHER.
"..here the stream that fed the water wound away through leafy woods.."
"It was much more open than Beechmere, though surrounded on all sides by oak woods..."
"In the middle of the lake was a small island...this was thickly grown with bushes, privet and some yew..."
There is a bridge today to what I assume is "BB's island. Sadly, there is also a locked gate, preventing access, tempting though it is...
"The keeper's house...lay across the park, among the oak woods.." There are several candidates for Roscommon's cottage; but with discreet enquiries, I was able to ascertain that this alone is called "The Keeper's Cottage", and if Berrington Hall near Leominster is indeed BB's Woodwater Pool, as many believe, then this is where BB stayed...

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Paul | Reply 31.05.2016 20.42

My mistake, got confused. Seems they have aspects in common. Any idea where Wood Pool is?

Gary | Reply 20.05.2016 12.49

That's Wood Pool, not Woodwater... different pools. Wood Pool was stocked by BB, so I understand

Paul | Reply 19.05.2016 20.46

It was also an off-stream lake, fed by its own spring which rose adjacent to the boathouse. The stream ran alongside, separated by bund from the lake.

gary 20.05.2016 12.41

It all depends on a writer's licence; Paul: general consensus is, this is indeed the place. I know Fennel and SK have paid a pilgrimage, for eg.

Paul | Reply 19.05.2016 20.43

Hi Gary. It's well-described in his 1958 book, A Carp Water, Wood Pool. An Editor's footnote confirms tench and carp went in from Donald Leney's company.

Paul | Reply 15.05.2016 09.36

Where is the boathouse by the side of its own pool and the fenced-off spring that fed the lake.

gary 16.05.2016 10.48

I can't recall a boathouse at this distance in time, Paul, - but do recall that some areas of the pool were 'no go', as it's a heron sanctuary now...

Gary | Reply 29.05.2014 18.29

Yes JAA, I think he had the right attitude about angling. I'm fishing tomorrow, and I've promised myself a day of pure enjoyment, not matter the catch!

jaa | Reply 29.05.2014 08.48

Nice job Nome, 'BB' is an angler I wish I'd met.

Gary | Reply 12.05.2014 11.10

It still looks fishable, Wayne, and friends tell me it still holds carp - but sadly, we'll never get to fish it. At least, as you say, we can see it. Best - G

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Well done Gents and yes some of those carp do look authentic enough to be called proper wild carp.

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