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IT was a funny old session at The Other Pool, yesterday, - with a double-figure common first cast, on long-distance floating flake; but I lost another fish on zig-rigged bouyant flake in the afternoon. The fight from the carp that I caught was most impressive - the fish really do "go" in that pool, and the initial runs, for the doubles in any case, are virtually unstoppable. As for the take - I was amazed when the dark shape rose almost immediately to snaffle my bait. How often does that happen? I'm more and more impressed with the Korda Kruiser Control specialist floater line. It allows long and easy casts with crust and flake and it floats well. It lifts off the water well too, on the strike. With heavier, bottom baits, it does sink well, however, and I suspect its "neutal bouyancy" is less than the drag of normal line and leads to more confident runs in a freelining situation.

The lost fish was chaos in action! The bobbin rose, the buzzer sounded, the clutch screamed - the fish moved to the left, the rod followed it - and the line ended up draped over a dead, overhanging branch. The branch was very snaggy and the line wasn't coming off in a hurry. The run of the fish actually snapped the branch off, and so I had a weighty carp on and, between me and it, a weighty dead branch! By the time I had got the branch off the line, the fish had tranferred the barbless hook to a sunken snag, and it was "game over."

I felt so absolutely gutted, I even packed up early. However, one nice common had come out, and I consoled myself with the thought that it is a snaggy and difficult pond, and a genuine gremlin resides on its banks - so chaos tends to happen there at times! - thankfully, not too often...

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05.09 | 08:54

Some very interesting musings, observations and snippets of information.
Thanks for taking the time to give us the benefit of your experience and knowledge.

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18.06 | 09:57

I have two Rod Hutchinson Carp Supreme 13ft 3lbs test curve hand built rods would you anything about them please?
Thank you

06.05 | 10:35

Hello Gary nice to hear from you , my email address is Hope you and yours are keeping safe its surreal what is happening David.

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