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It is a mark of sanity, surely, to go fishing on the day after a General Election, if only to focus on life's more important things, such as fishing? I would like to record that my political snub resulted in a day of large fish, but that was not the case. I caught eight carp, but only one bent the rod, really - the fish in the picture, actually, which was still below average size for the pool....

The rest were tiny fish - from 6oz to 1.5lbs in weight, which was disturbing, not because I dislike small fish, I do not, but because I am sure they have been stocked. These small voracious little devils turned up last year, and the bailiff assured me they were the outcome of successful spawning. However, the little carp are quite deep and humped backed - unlike the bigger carp, which tend to be Leneyesque. In addition, I am enough of a "carp anorak" to notice that an oddly persistent and irregular scale pattern, normal on the older carp in the pool, is missing on the smaller fish....
I have my deep suspicions and, in the meantime, the angling is ruined - well, almost.
The answer, of course, is stalking, and I did have a pleasant moment today in the pipes swim when I crept up to notice a decent common, over the gravels and close to the side. I managed to get a ball of flake in and watched the fish dip down and go for it. The water was gin clear there (but, strangely or not so strangely, rather coloured in the bay, by the reeds, where the stream runs in).
Anyway,I disgress; the carp picked up the flake in its lips, paused and then dropped it, before swimming off. Is a bread aversion setting in? It is possible.
The carp I did catch were caught on prawns and bread - sight-bobbed, freelined and ledgered. I was even touch-ledgering at one point, and I caught several of the little carp this way. At least it was good practice...
As I say, I shall take the bare minimum next time - hopefully when the weather's a little warmer, and I shall go round and round the pool in my search for the better fish. 

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05.09 | 08:54

Some very interesting musings, observations and snippets of information.
Thanks for taking the time to give us the benefit of your experience and knowledge.

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18.06 | 09:57

I have two Rod Hutchinson Carp Supreme 13ft 3lbs test curve hand built rods would you anything about them please?
Thank you

06.05 | 10:35

Hello Gary nice to hear from you , my email address is Hope you and yours are keeping safe its surreal what is happening David.

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