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Let's hear it for Waterlog...

If you're fed up with the endless "how to do it" articles in the mainstream angling comics, and you long for the sort of fishing publications we all used to enjoy, when the more spiritual side of fishing held sway, then why not try "Waterlog?"

Chris Yates used to be an editor, and it shows. The magazine is still going strong, in the capable hands of Jon and Rose Ward-Allen, of the Medlar Press.

I've been lucky enough to publish a few things in there myself, and yesterday was a good day, because the spring issue arrived and yes, I was in it.

The magazine is often light-hearted, often deep and thought-provoking, a bit like angling itself, really.

In short, it's what an angling publication ought to be, in my opinion.

Check it out at

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Gary | Reply 06.05.2016 13.27

Many thanks JAA - I think Waterlog is good, and not only because they publish me. I prefer the new Waterlog format, in fact, to the "Yates" format.

JAA | Reply 05.05.2016 18.47

I find the constant running down of Waterlog annoying myself. Just renewed (saw your article btw, liked it). JAA

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18.06 | 10:49

Thanks Mathew, that means a lot. Much appreciated.

18.06 | 10:25

Well done Gents and yes some of those carp do look authentic enough to be called proper wild carp.

31.05 | 16:57

That's brilliant, WHERE is the nearest village, l want to.look on my map!

04.04 | 10:52

I must agree

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