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Woodside in sultry June

Woodside was looking it's very best yesterday, in verdant June. The trees were in full leaf, the lily beds were coming into their own and the reeds - which had been cut back last winter, were re-asserting their perfect right to be there in strength. I had thought of trying out my "new" vintage Alpha Carp at a freshly-found "off the radar" water, where carp may or may not exist;  but I really wanted to feel the rod bending and so I went to the nature reserve, courtesy of the Davies family, in the knowledge that action would be forthcoming. This is not to say there would not be challenges - both the ducks and the rudd were in a ravenous mood, in sultry heat, and the only way to help both bottom and surface baits to survive was to fish close to the side, where the ducks and rudd were less inclined to arrive mob-handed. My final tall was seven carp - including the lean and powerful 9lb 10oz common which fell to margin crust and put up a terrific fight - really testing the old Alpha (which until I bought it off Ebay recently hadn't been used by anyone, apparently...must have been in someone's attic...) It was good to use glass again....I'd forgotten how "forgiving" glass rods can be, especially with close range battles. I know that many black bass experts in the US are returning to glass for this very reason. Perhaps the age of the glass rod isn't over, after all? 

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08.12 | 13:45

Bloke from Austria, not having any old, overgrown, mystic, romantic waters and therefore gobbling up words like these. Love the nightingale song!

01.11 | 17:27

01.11 | 17:27

I went back and caught another five the next day and they really vary from a crucian with barbels to a text book common. Pics in the next reply.

01.11 | 16:08

Most probably...nature making her adaptions...but in some established pools only a fraction of carp are feral like... it's puzzling

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